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    Google AdWords vs Bing Ads – Which One is Better for PPC?

    When it comes to Pay Per Click ads you want to get the most bang for your buck, but which search engine is going to give you that? Each one has unique features and benefits, so it’s hard to say but these are our thoughts.

    For digital marketing starters, Google controls 2/3 of the market between Google Search Network and Google Display Network. Google Search Network refers to the search features like Google Search, Google Shopping, and Google Maps.

    While Google Display Network refers to the other non-search based sites like Gmail, YouTube, or Blogger.

    The Yahoo! Bing Network offers similar options between the Bing-Search Network (Bing and Yahoo! direct properties) and the Bing Content Network (Bing and Yahoo! owned and operated websites).

    Cost-wise if you’re looking for cheap, Bing is the winner. The cost per click on a Bing ad is 50 to 70 percent less than that of a Google ad. The impression cost is 76 to 90 percent lower, but it’s important to note that you’re also getting significantly less impressions using Bing.

    The CTR (click-through rate) is also exponentially higher on Google. So you may be paying less, but less people are seeing your ad when you use Bing. An advantage though is that there is then 36 percent less competition between advertisers on Bing.

    When it comes to settings, Bing offers a little more flexibility in most areas (but not all). While Google AdWords allows you to adjust your budget by day, Bing Ads allows you to have either a daily or monthly budget. In Google AdWords you’re limited to location targeting at the campaign level, however Bing Ads allows you to adjust it at both the campaign and ad group level.

    However, if you like to get super organized with your ads keep in mind that Bing Ads doesn’t offer labeling, Google AdWords does. Google AdWords also allows for different sizing and format options for the images on your ads. Bing Ads doesn’t even allow for images with your ads, text only.

    In conclusion, both platforms have unique advantages making it hard to declare a winner. If you’re looking for the cheaper option or more flexibility with your ads then Bing is definitely the way to go. Want an image with your ad? Looking for more impressions and a higher CTR? Google AdWords is the platform for you.

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    5 Facebook Etiquette Tips for Bloggers

    Facebook began as a place to connect with friends, remember that? Oh Facebook, how you’ve changed. While we continue to update and share our personal lives via Facebook we now use it for a number of other reasons. We now follow the pages of news sources, charities, sports people, clubs, and entertainers.

    As bloggers and digital marketers, many of us choose to have a Facebook page and use it to interact with readers and other bloggers. Facebook has now become a place to hangout and have a conversation, much like a club, and like any club it has its informal rules.

    Here’s 5 tips for bloggers on Facebook.

    1. Don’t post on other people’s blog pages instructing them to go and like your page, you sound desperate and pushy.

    2. Don’t attach a link to your blog when it’s irrelevant. Eg. If there’s a conversation about dogs don’t jump in with “I used to have a dog, you may like my blog about Japanese Furniture, here’s a link on how to trim your bonsai”.

    3. Don’t post multiple times in a short time frame. Take a break, posting between 3 and 5 times a day should cover your readership – space it out for the best coverage.

    4. Be respectful of other cultures. Religion and politics are always risky, you can very easily offend someone over their personal choice.

    5. If you share something from a page give credit where credit is due. If you don’t want to push the share button and choose to cut and paste tag in the person/page you sourced from.

    Any tips you have to share? What annoys you the most on Facebook.

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    5 Great Blog Post Ideas

    Looking for things to write about? Lost for inspiration? Not sure where to start?

    Here’s 5 quick and easy blog post ideas to get you blogging with enthusiasm.


    1. Write a review

    If you’re a food blogger review a recipe or a restaurant, if you’re a fashion blogger, you can create a post on 2013 fashion trends go and try on an outfit or check out this seasons new collection. If you’re a personal blogger, review the latest book you’ve read or film you’ve seen. If you’re a beauty blogger tell us about your mascara or the latest moisturiser. Blog about your interests, tell us why you liked or disliked it.

    2. Interview someone

    Seek out someone you’re interested in and ask if you can interview them. Even if it’s a quick Q & A, chances are if you’re interested in them your readers will be too.

    3. Create a photo post

    If you’re finding it hard to write the words, tell your story in pictures

    4. Tell a story from the heart

    What’s on your mind? What means a lot to you? Sharing personal stories is a way of strengthening your relationship with your readers.

    5. Host a give-away

    What do you blog about? Where are you? Do you have something your readers would be interested in winning? Talk to a brand about sharing their product with your audience. Find something related to your niche.

    Any other ideas to share? What do you do for blogging inspiration?

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    5 Basic Apps For Every Blogger to Begin With

    I met a blogger this week who chooses not to be on Facebook. I think she may be the first blogger I’ve met who appears to have an aversion to social media. It got me thinking about the apps that I now rely upon when it comes to Blogging.

    Here’s my top 5 basics that every blogger should start with.

    Facebook: It’s a no brainer right? Facebook on my phone allows me to keep up with other blogs, share ideas, and respond to notifications.

    Pages for Facebook Manager: I have far more Facebook comments than blog comments which I am sure is due to the fact that I I have Pages for Facebook on my phone. With the pages for Facebook Manager app I see every notification on the blog and can carry on the conversation no matter where I am. I don’t need a laptop to log in, I can be sitting in the car park at school or the check out at the supermarket while having a quick chat with a reader.

    Echofon: I’m more of an Echofon girl when it comes to using Twitter, I’ve been using the app for so long now that it just feels right. Take a look and see what you think.

    Pinterest: Everything just got prettier. I love having Pinterest on my phone, not just to keep up with what I have going on blog wise but I can tag in ideas for when I’m out and about. Party planning, cake decorating, it’s all there on my phone.

    WordPress: Or whichever platform you’re using. Blogger also has an app, as does Squarespace. I am terrible with editing. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gone back to look at a post only to hang my head in shame at the typos and errors that are sprinkled all over the screen. With WordPress on my phone I can quickly jump into a post and make the necessary changes without needing access to a computer.

    What about you? Which apps do you rely upon for blogging?