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5 Basic Apps For Every Blogger to Begin With

I met a blogger this week who chooses not to be on Facebook. I think she may be the first blogger I’ve met who appears to have an aversion to social media. It got me thinking about the apps that I now rely upon when it comes to Blogging.

Here’s my top 5 basics that every blogger should start with.

Facebook: It’s a no brainer right? Facebook on my phone allows me to keep up with other blogs, share ideas, and respond to notifications.

Pages for Facebook Manager: I have far more Facebook comments than blog comments which I am sure is due to the fact that I I have Pages for Facebook on my phone. With the pages for Facebook Manager app I see every notification on the blog and can carry on the conversation no matter where I am. I don’t need a laptop to log in, I can be sitting in the car park at school or the check out at the supermarket while having a quick chat with a reader.

Echofon: I’m more of an Echofon girl when it comes to using Twitter, I’ve been using the app for so long now that it just feels right. Take a look and see what you think.

Pinterest: Everything just got prettier. I love having Pinterest on my phone, not just to keep up with what I have going on blog wise but I can tag in ideas for when I’m out and about. Party planning, cake decorating, it’s all there on my phone.

WordPress: Or whichever platform you’re using. Blogger also has an app, as does Squarespace. I am terrible with editing. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gone back to look at a post only to hang my head in shame at the typos and errors that are sprinkled all over the screen. With WordPress on my phone I can quickly jump into a post and make the necessary changes without needing access to a computer.

What about you? Which apps do you rely upon for blogging?

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