5 Facebook Etiquette Tips for Bloggers

Facebook began as a place to connect with friends, remember that? Oh Facebook, how you’ve changed. While we continue to update and share our personal lives via Facebook we now use it for a number of other reasons. We now follow the pages of news sources, charities, sports people, clubs, and entertainers.

As bloggers and digital marketers, many of us choose to have a Facebook page and use it to interact with readers and other bloggers. Facebook has now become a place to hangout and have a conversation, much like a club, and like any club it has its informal rules.

Here’s 5 tips for bloggers on Facebook.

1. Don’t post on other people’s blog pages instructing them to go and like your page, you sound desperate and pushy.

2. Don’t attach a link to your blog when it’s irrelevant. Eg. If there’s a conversation about dogs don’t jump in with “I used to have a dog, you may like my blog about Japanese Furniture, here’s a link on how to trim your bonsai”.

3. Don’t post multiple times in a short time frame. Take a break, posting between 3 and 5 times a day should cover your readership – space it out for the best coverage.

4. Be respectful of other cultures. Religion and politics are always risky, you can very easily offend someone over their personal choice.

5. If you share something from a page give credit where credit is due. If you don’t want to push the share button and choose to cut and paste tag in the person/page you sourced from.

Any tips you have to share? What annoys you the most on Facebook.

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