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5 Great Blog Post Ideas

Looking for things to write about? Lost for inspiration? Not sure where to start?

Here’s 5 quick and easy blog post ideas to get you blogging with enthusiasm.


1. Write a review

If you’re a food blogger review a recipe or a restaurant, if you’re a fashion blogger, you can create a post on 2013 fashion trends go and try on an outfit or check out this seasons new collection. If you’re a personal blogger, review the latest book you’ve read or film you’ve seen. If you’re a beauty blogger tell us about your mascara or the latest moisturiser. Blog about your interests, tell us why you liked or disliked it.

2. Interview someone

Seek out someone you’re interested in and ask if you can interview them. Even if it’s a quick Q & A, chances are if you’re interested in them your readers will be too.

3. Create a photo post

If you’re finding it hard to write the words, tell your story in pictures

4. Tell a story from the heart

What’s on your mind? What means a lot to you? Sharing personal stories is a way of strengthening your relationship with your readers.

5. Host a give-away

What do you blog about? Where are you? Do you have something your readers would be interested in winning? Talk to a brand about sharing their product with your audience. Find something related to your niche.

Any other ideas to share? What do you do for blogging inspiration?

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